Statement from the Department Chairman

New Developments

This year, 2018, the Reading Hospital celebrates its 150th anniversary, a proud accomplishment representing a great tradition of providing care to our community since Civil War era physicians returned from duty bringing the latest developments in modern medicine. Much has changed since that time; however there has never been a more exciting time in our history than there is at this moment. 

Within the past year the Reading Health System transformed from its focus on one strong single acute care hospital to a regional health system, Tower Health, with Reading Hospital serving as the flagship clinical and academic institution at the heart of this new six-hospital entity which reaches a population of 1.5 million across southeastern Pennsylvania from Reading to Philadelphia. 

The creation of this new system will assure that Reading Hospital will remain strong and independent, a master of its own fate as the whirlwind of change sweeps across health care throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. Thus decisions affecting patient care, program development, and resident training will remain our local choices and not subject to the whims of corporate managers in far off centers with little connection to the realities of local needs. 

We are confident that the new Tower Health will offer additional benefits for patient care and for resident training. And the future opportunities for our Family Medicine graduates to practice in a wide range of community settings serving those 1.5 million patients will be nearly unlimited.    

This development alone would make for an exciting atmosphere here; however, within the past few months our Tower Health in partnership with the Drexel University College of Medicine has announced the establishment of a four-year medical school campus in Reading. While Reading Hospital has always had a strong academic pedigree, this new relationship will enhance our full range of clinical, academic and research activities. 

Indeed it is an exciting time to be a part of the Reading Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program with expanding opportunities that will enhance your ability to become the excellent Family Physician you want to be—compassionate, broadly trained, well prepared for the changes ahead.

D. Michael Baxter, MD
Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine