Albright Internships

Albright College Externship Program

Reading Hospital maintains a collaborative relationship with Albright College in order to provide an educational experience for pre-med students. A three-week externship is available for selected pre-med students during the break in January. Externs will work with a physician mentor, participating in on-site clinical observation and shadowing, as well as directed independent study.

Albright College Scribe Program

Albright College also works with the Emergency Department at Reading Hospital to provide pre-med students with training as a Patient Records Assistant (or Scribe). The Patient Records Assistant (PRA) is responsible for enhancing the efficiency of the physician by improving documentation of the medical record and keeping the patients informed of their status. The PRA reports directly to the attending physician. Scribes are trained full-time at the Hospital during the three-week winter break in January and then work a flexible schedule up until April.


  • Accompanies the attending physician during the history and physical exam
  • Records information on the medical record as dictated by the Emergency Physician
  • Orders the dictated testing
  • Continuously monitors the completion of labs, radiographic studies, and test results

All actions of the PRA are reviewed concurrently with the Emergency Physician.


  • Assist Emergency Physician in completing the medical record including history, physical exam, laboratory, medication, and radiographic orders and results
  • Aid with discharge information, the completion of prescriptions, and follow-up discharge
  • Contact family members and private physicians regarding the patient’s condition
  • Is well trained in completing an accurate medical record to incur the appropriate level of charge for the care provided
  • Does not provide direct patient care or handle body fluids; however, may chaperone physicians during certain procedures


The Scribe will be evaluated using Albright College evaluation standards.

Application Requirements

  • Must be currently attending Albright College
  • Have serious interest in a medical career
  • Have excellent penmanship
  • Have a high degree of initiative and independence
  • Must be available for flexible scheduling

How to Apply

For more information on either of the Albright opportunities, please contact Albright College:

Karen Campbell, PhD
Chair, Biology Department
Pre-Med Advisor