Emergency Medical Technician Program

Our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program will prepare you to become a first responder in emergency situations. Coursework covers topic such as assessment, treatment of injuries, and proper use of equipment. EMT certification classes are held every fall, spring, and summer semester. You must be at least 16 years of age to sit for the certification exam.

To be accepted you will need a satisfactory score on the pre-admission test measuring reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and basic math skills. You will be allowed two attempts per course to achieve a satisfactory score on the pre-admission test.

Deadlines for admission/pre-admission testing is six weeks prior to the start of any EMT class (onsite or offsite).

Learn more about the functional position description for the EMT [PDF].

EMT 2020 Summer Class Announcement

Applications are now being accepted.

When: June 6, 2020 to August 5, 2020

Class Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 0800-1600

Apply Now

EMS Programs Flyer

You can register for the program by completing the online registration form. All supporting documentation, satisfactory background checks, copy of health insurance card, and full tuition payment must be received by the deadlines. Once the school receives your registration, you will be contacted regarding the pre-admission examination and additional entry requirements.

The deadline for admission/pre-admission testing is 6 weeks prior to the start of any EMT class (on site or off site).

A web-based basic skills test administered by the company Criteria Pre-employment Testing will need to be taken by all prospective students. This is a pre-admission requirement and should be completed soon after submitting your registration form and fee. More information about the Criteria Basic Skills Test can be found by accessing the "Entry Requirements" section on this page.

National Registry Exam

Upon completion of the EMT program, you will be required to take the National Registry EMT Exam. All students completing this exam must present an official photo ID (driver's license or passport) on testing day in order to sit for the exam. Please plan for this requirement.

Entry Requirements

  • Submit the online registration form and $30 fee.
  • Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST) - is a web-based pre-admission examination that will need to be completed soon after submitting your registration form and fee. The CBST measures basic grammar, spelling, math, and language skills needed to succeed in a wide variety of entry-level jobs. The exam will be administered at the school in one of our computer labs. To register for the exam, please contact the school at 484-628-0100.

After acceptance to the program, please submit the following:

  • $100 Non-Refundable confirmation of Enrollment Fee and Form - Due two weeks from the date of the acceptance letter. Please complete, sign, and date the confirmation of enrollment form and submit a copy of the form along with a non-refundable confirmation fee.
  • Multi-level Criminal Record Check with Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Check at www.castlebranch.com.
    • Create an account by entering our school package code: RE66.
    • Processing cost: $57 payable to www.castlebranch.com.
  • FBI Fingerprint - Official results are needed. Cost is approximately $26.
  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance at PA Child Abuse History Clearance.
    • Follow specific directions on state form.
    • Processing cost: $10- $15 payable by money order to state.
  • CPR Requirement - The school will provide BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR certification to all enrolled students after the start of the semester.
  • FEMA Pre-Field & Clinical Online Courses. Get the list of required online FEMA courses [PDF]. Copy of certificates need to be submitted on or before the first day of class to Cathy James or to your instructor. Students unable to provide certificates of completion will not be permitted to attend class.
  • Assumption of Risk Agreement form. Complete the Assumption of Risk Agreement form [PDF].
  • Proof of influenza immunization. Learn more information on the mandatory health requirement [PDF]. The document must include student's full name, provider name, and date when immunization was administered.
  • Other health information as requested.
    • Effective for EMT Summer 2019 admission class and forward: To achieve final acceptance into the EMT program, all admitted students will be required to submit healthcare provider confirmation of required health screenings, tests, immunizations, and documentation of health insurance according to the established deadlines.

Books and Supplies

Students need to purchase their textbook and workbook or e-books prior to the class.

Online Class Exams - Technology Requirements

Students are required to have access to a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

School-provided Equipment

Stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, penlights and uniform shirts are provided to students by the School of Health Sciences.


2019/20 EMT Tuition [PDF]

Applicants must be formally accepted to the EMT by the Admissions Office before submitting the confirmation fee and/or tuition payment. Please do not pay these fees unless you have received written notice that indicates you have been accepted to the program.

Tuition is due 1 week prior to the start of class.

We are sorry, but there are no payment plans available.

Students who have been formally accepted and who have paid their tuition in full will be allowed to attend classes and participate in tests, quizzes, and labs. Students unable to make their tuition payment in full by the start of class will be dropped from the roster. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement.

Sponsor Invoices

Sponsors requesting to be invoiced need to include their organization, address, email, contact person, and contact phone number on the or select "Yes" to receive an invoice in the sponsor section of the online application. All invoices are sent by the Student Accounts Office. If you have any questions please contact Steve Swan, Student Accounts Officer.

Please submit all materials and payments to:

Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences
Emergency Medical Services Programs
PO Box 16052
Reading, PA 19612

EMT Textbook Information

Enrolled students will be responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.

The correct edition that will be used for class is:

"Emergency Care & Transportation of the Sick & Injured, Incl. Nav. 2 Premier Access, 11th Edition - Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning"

Additional textbook information and purchase options: EMT Textbook Resource [PDF].

*Textbook is Subject to Change at School’s Discretion