Student Refunds

When a student’s account has a credit balance created by an over-payment and/or disbursement of financial aid, a student is eligible for a refund. If the overage resulted from disbursed federal funds, such as Direct Loans, Direct Plus Loans, Perkins Loans, or Pell Grants, the refund will be processed routinely.

NOTE: Students whose PLUS loan applications indicated the refund should be issued to the parent borrower will have their refunds issued by check, made payable to the parent borrower.

Student Refund Processing

The Student Accounts Office requests refund checks once a week and are generally processed within one to two weeks. After processing, students will be notified be email that they can pick up their refund checks at the Student Accounts Office.

Credit Balance/Refund Holds

Students who have a credit balance and do not want a refund may authorize the School of Health Sciences to hold their funds in their account by filling out the Financial Aid Credit Balance Authorization Form.