Bill Payment & Plans

All billing, payments, and receipts are processed by the Student Accounts Office (SAO) located on the first floor of Reading Hospital's School of Health Sciences (RHSHS).


Approximately 30 days prior to each semester, all students will receive an electronic notice to their school email account letting them know that their school WebConnect account has been updated with their current academic charges.

All students are expected to pay their tuition bills in full one week prior to the start of each new semester or you will need to sign up for the RHSHS Payment Plan Option (PPO).

Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve the student from paying/submitting the bill by the due date.

Fall semester bills are due in mid to late-August, spring semester bills are due in late-December and summer semester bills are due mid to late-April.

For students unable to make full payment because of financial difficulty, which includes pending financial aid, the Payment Plan Option is a viable option.

For additional Information, please refer to the School Policies and select #601 Tuition Payment.

Make a Payment

You can pay your tuition online using our Online Tuition Payment Form.

Payment Plan Option (PPO)

The convenience of paying your tuition charges on a monthly basis is an attractive option for many families. The school provides an opportunity for you to pay current academic year educational expenses with interest-free installments each semester by utilizing our Payment Plan Option (PPO).

Setup Your PPO

Payment Plans are available to all full-time and part-time students. If you would like to take advantage of the PPO you can download the current semester Payment Plan form [PDF] and return it to the Student Accounts Office or submit your request through the website using the appropriate Online Payment Plan Form below.

If you need more information you can contact Steve Swan by email or call the Student Accounts Office at 484-628-0102.

Additional Payment Methods

By Mail

  • Checks or Money Orders accepted and payable to RHSHS. Mail your payments to:

Student Accounts Office
PO Box 16052
Reading, PA 19612-6052

  • Your canceled check or money order serves as the receipt for payment.
  • Please DO NOT MAIL CASH.


  • Credit or debit card payments can be made on-line through WebConnect.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card accepted.

In Person

  • Payment by check, money order credit/debit card and cash can be made at the SAO.

By Phone

  • Call 484-628-0102. All major credit cards accepted. (No charge fees)

Company, Employer or Agency Billing

  • Students whose bills are to be paid by an employer or an outside agency will require documentation on company letterhead indicating the amount to be paid and delivered to the SAO.
  • Any amount not covered by a company or agency will be the student's responsibility and must be paid by the due date.
  • Students, who receive tuition reimbursement upon completion of the course, are not eligible for this service and must pay their bill by the due date.