Continuity Experience

PGY 4 and PGY 5 continuity experience:

The continuity experience during the PGY4 and PGY5 includes six months at each of these Jefferson locations: general hematology clinic, hematologic malignancies clinic, and solid tumor clinic. The longitudinal clinic at Reading will be a general hematology/medical oncology clinic with supervision by the Reading faculty. During the months when you are at Reading, this clinical experience will be one-half day each week. When the fellow is at Jefferson, the clinic will be one full day every other week, to meet requirements of averaging one half-day each week. The fellows’ clinic will include patients who are managed by the fellows in all three years, with the fellow who is at the Reading site covering calls for the other fellows when they are not on site.

Sample Longitudinal Experience Schedule:

This schedule provides both the required longitudinal experiences of at least six months duration, but also allows the fellows to have at least one six-month experience in each specialized area at the Jefferson site (hematology, hematologic malignancies and solid tumor). The use of full day clinical experience at one site during a rotation at the other site will allow the fellow to travel early or late in the day, so as not to interfere with didactic conferences (usually scheduled at noon) or clinical activities.