Bariatric Surgery Fellowship

On behalf of the Weight Loss Surgery and Wellness Center we would like to thank you for considering our Bariatric Fellowship. We strongly believe that the foundation of a high quality bariatric program involves the training of the future generation of highly qualified and well educated bariatric surgeons. The fellowship was originally conceived by Dr. Myers and the program started in 2017. Our philosophy is that you are a fully trained surgeon and a colleague who brings a unique perspective to our bariatric fellowship. The goal is to involve you in every aspect of management of the bariatric patient. You are going to play a critical role in the management of the patients during the preoperative, perioperative and postoperative phases of the patient’s journey.We look forward to reviewing your application to our program and good luck in your educational pursuits.

Stephan Myers, M.D. & Leon Katz, M.D.

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