Occupational Health

We provide workers compensation care, specialized employee healthcare, and skilled consultations for primary care and specialty physicians. Our occupational medicine physicians evaluate and provide recommendations for patients in any situation in which health problems affect work, or work affects health.


  • DOT Commercial Driver Medical Exams performed by federally certified Commercial Driver Medical Examiners (CDMEs). Our CDMEs are trained to assess and manage the certifications for all commercial drivers, including those with:
    • Multiple medical problems
    • Complicated medical history
    • Diabetes and its complications
    • Amputations or impairments requiring Skill Performance Evaluations
    • Evaluations after orthopedic, cardiac, and cerebrovascular events
    • Return-to-work planning after a serious personal illness
  • Tactical planning and facilitation for patients with special healthcare needs related to work
  • Evaluation of symptoms or signs that may be related to exposures at home
  • Evaluations of non-work-related indoor air quality-associated illnesses


During a consultation, our physician will make a record of your full history and perform a physical examination and medical record review. He or she will then make recommendations for the your plan of care.


To make an appointment at either of our two convenient locations, call 484-628-4000.

Our physicians do not use MyChart, but with your authorization, they can access MyChart medical records.

If your physician uses another records system besides MyChart, please ask him or her to provide appropriate background information to Occupational Health in time for your consult. A personal phone call from the referring physician to the Occupational Health physician is appreciated.

For your convenience, please download and complete a medical history questionnaire [PDF] before your visit.


If directed, download and complete these forms to prepare for your visit.