Psychiatry Rotation

Psychiatry RotationPsychiatry Clerkship

The clerkship is structured to give the student a broad experience in Psychiatry. Working with one primary psychiatric attending throughout the rotation, the student will spend several mornings or afternoons each week in specialty areas of psychiatry -- in Child Clinic, Emergency Department, with the Assertive Community Treatment Team, with the Geriatric Team, observe ECT, and spend time working with patients with substance abuse. Core skills of the Mental Status Examination, Pharmacology, and Psychiatric Diagnoses are emphasized. Night call is not required by the Hospital. Each student observes night call as required by their own academic institution.

Psychiatry Elective

This elective involves working in a one-to-one relationship with an attending physician in an adult, geriatric, or adolescent inpatient psychiatric setting, allowing the student to gain experience in the evaluation and management of patients with psychiatric illness.

Opportunities exist to function as part of the inpatient treatment team and to strengthen skills obtained in a psychiatry clerkship. The elective can be somewhat tailored to a student’s particular interests.